Monday, February 07, 2005

American Dad Website

So far I've only been able to locate one exclusive American Dad website through lazily browsing the first page of google.

Apparently they've really gotten a head start. Overall, it's a standard crappy vBulletin page with lots of updates, and forum, straight-from-fox character descriptions, and that's about it.

As I find more sites I'll update here, and hopefully more will be made if hopefully American dad turns out to be a good, quality series.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Changes, removed jokes, etc.

Here are some changes in the Fox version I noticed.

-Actual episode Opening song newspaper headline shown on Fox reads:
"Democratic Party Missing, Feared Dead."

-After the dog is buried, there was supposed to be a joke that had Stan saying something to the effect of, back in High school they used to call me Penis Head. Maybe it was Middle school. Actually, it could have been derogatory. But no matter! The penis is to the rescue! They removed this from the version shown on Fox.

-Originally the joke of Steve winning the school election had a picture of his opponent sleeping with the Creature from the Black Lagoon. In the Fox aired version, it's the "Jack in the Box" man. After that, some kid says, "Eww! He's not even human!" This happens in both episodes.

In the Fox episode, however, Steve asks his father, "You know the Jack in the Box man?"
Stan replies, "Yeah, he's in our basement," followed by a scene where Roger walks into the basement to see the Jack in the Box man tied up on the ground.

-When Hayley tells Roger she doesn't want him to do her homework anymore, he originally had gone off on a monologue before she rejects him. He says something to the effect of listing his list of junk food he wants, and "Oh, and next time don't skimp on the napoleon ice cream bars. If one store doesn't have, don't just give up, go to the next store."

Superbowl 2005

Since I already reviewed American Dad, I'll provide a play-by-play for the Superbowl for now. Digression will hopefully happen less and less often as time progresses.

Pregame Show:
Included Bill Clinton and old president George H. Bush at the Mike, Black Eyed Peas, Earth, Wind, and Fire (or something,) Alicia Keys featuring the Florida School for deaf and blind (good performance) and a country singer ft. Charlie Daniels. Overall pretty good.

6:18 PM:
Michael Chiklis (or something) announces the Pats, Will Smith announces the Eagles. The pats come out looking strong, lots of energy, etc. The Eagles come out loooking well, unready. They're not even all together, they come out in clumps, etc. Hope this isn't a bad omen.

6:34 PM: Cointoss
Pats call Tails. A kid who is inept at tosing the coin tosses it straight up, and it is Tails. Eagles QB McNabb pats the kid on the head.

8:20 PM: Halftime Show
Game is tied at 7-7. Lots of defensive struggle throughout the game. Paul McCartney is singing. Hopefully there will be no nudity.

American Dad! Airs Tonight!

American Dad! Will air tonight after Simpsons and the Superbowl. Be sure to watch it!

Also, keep an eye out for our new site which does the same thing we do for American Dad for Family Guy 2005. Here.

American Dad! Pilot - Episode 01

Episode Summary:

This episode starts out with Steve Smith and Hayley Smith eating breakfast together. Steve rags on Hayley for being in a community college while Hayley rags on Steve for not having gone through puberty yet. Francine intervenes, and Klaus the East German fish admires how she rules with "an iron fist" and suggests that she stick her pinky finger into the bowl for him to nibble on.

Then, we are introduced to Stan and Roger. Roger wants to leave the house to get a pack of smokes, but Stan stresses how important it is that Roger stays inside the house, since he's an alien and all. Roger wants Francine to pick him up some Pecan Sandies, and then we notice the terror alert sticker on the fridge.

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Hayley makes a comment about a "fun little system" that keeps the "masses paralyzed in fear." Meanwhile, the toaster pops up, and Stan pumps it full of lead.

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"It's just toast, Dad," says Hayley. His response?

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"This time it was toast, Hayley. This time."

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Ever complacent, Francine offeres to take the mutilated toast.

Sitting down, Stan asks Steve how his girl search is going. Steve confidently says that he is going to ask out the head cheerleader, and shortly afterwards, Roger breaks his chair because he is too heavy. After Francine makes a comment, Roger gets offended, and Francine puts him on a diet. He goes from there to break the table.
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At the office, Stan talks to a coworker about how he got a contract with Ikea to supply the entire country of Iraq with furniture so the entire country looks like "your first apartment."

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"Check it out! The eraser is stuck under Bin Laden's pooper!"

Meanwhile at Pearl Bailey High School, Steve gets ready to proposition Lisa Silver. "I have a fully developed woman to conquer." Even his stereotypically nerdy asian Japanese friend, who is busy eating air with chopsticks, tries to dissuade him.
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He walks up to Lisa and snaps her bra. "Did that hurt so gooood?"

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She doesn't even need her huge boyfriend's help to take care of him.

Walking down the street, he notices a man with a dog picking up a girl. Eureka! All he has to do now is get a dog to get a girlfriend!

Back at home, Stan and Francine are watching the news. Bush gets a phone call from God. All in all, it ends up to be a weak joke, when God gets a call from Cheney and says, "Yes sir..?"
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Steve asks for a dog, but Stan offers an etch-a-sketch. Francine hints that he will one day join the army, and Stan returns in a short moment with a ninteen-year old dog, who Steve will use as a symphathy dog. (It doesn't work.)

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Crappy dog.

While Stan poses in the mirror for Francine, Roger drops a jar downstairs. Immediately, Stan pulls out a gun and asks, "Osama, is that you?" Long story short, Stan shoots the dog, and they bury him. During the funeral, we learn where Klaus came from. He was an East German skier who the CIA swapped brains with a fish so that he wouldn't win.

Stan finds out that Steve only wanted a dog for a girl, so he offers to steal a girl's purse so Steve can catch him and look like a hero. Unfourtunately, he uses his CIA moves, and Steve is too much of a nerd to catch up.
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While Hayley does her homework and eats a twinkie, Gary walks by and realizes his hunger. He offers to do her homework in exchange for food, and she complies. As they seal the deal, he excretes his alienly liquids all over her.

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"Once every seven hours, like clockwork."

Stan talks to Roger about how he doesn't understand how Steve can't get a girl. Roger points out that Stan is powerful, and Steve isn't. Stan plans to rig the election by casting doubt on the opponents. The next day, Stan discredits the top opponent with this picture.
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Steve Smith wins the election. The next day, the cheerleader asks him out. Ego inflated, he takes over the principal's office. Following shortly is the best joke of the episode. He calls Doris the secretary and asks her to send in the Mascot, the buffalo.

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I can do anything I want. Ride the buffalo!

Meanwhile, Roger is eating junk food and falls asleep while writing Hayley's paper. "Henry Kissinger: More than a Jew." However, he manages to get Hayley an extension by bringing the dead dog to class. She doesn't want him to do his papers anymore, though.

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Second time, still not funny.

As Steve walks down the halls a new king, he tries to kiss his new girlfriend. Suprise! She refuses. Confidence down, he creates a new school policy banning PDA, and Stan gets a call from the principal. Steve has barricaded himself at school.

Meanwhile, this joke is retarted. Stan resolves the problem at school by showing Steve a nerdy picture of himself as a child, which makes Steve feel better.

The episode ends with Roger helping Steve talk to girls for food.

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A bad joke... three strikes... OUT.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

American Dad Opening Song

Here are the lyrics (my interpretation) to the theme song of American Dad. I have no idea what the title is.

Stan Smith singing in his tightey whities:
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"Good morning USA!
I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day.
The sun in the sky has a smile on his face,
And he's shining a salute to the American race.
*holds up a newspaper reading:
TV Critics Broker Mid-East Peace Deal*
Oh boy it's swell to say,
Good morning USA!
Good morning USA!"

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Good Morning USA!

American Dad Characters

Here are some characters that appear in the pilot episode, and my impressions of them along with FOX's descriptions.

Stan Smith
The American Dad. A Patriotic, paranoid, CIA Agent.
Stan works for the CIA in Langley, Virginia, and is always on the alert for terrorist activity. Stan will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm – as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up.

Francine Smith
She is the hot, subserviant, and adept wife. However, beyond her complacent demeanor, you get the feeling that there's a lot more to her.
Stan’s wife, the sweet, Edith Bunker-esque Francine, has carefully hidden her party-girl personality for the sake of the conservative man she loves. But make no mistake – Francine’s doting persona has its limits, and she’s not afraid to put her man in his place.

Hayley Smith

She is the hippie, liberal, and community-college attending daughter. Stan suspects and scrutinizes her constantly.
18-year-old Hayley is the ultra-liberal daughter of the Smith household. Stan insists on putting her through an airport-style security search every time she enters the house (sure, he loves his little girl, but he doesn’t necessarily trust her).

Steve Smith
Aside from having an All-American name, he is also unfourtunately an All-American nerd. But with self-confidence and ego, he doesn't let life bring him down -- for long. He is surrounded by a posse of nerdy but diverse friends who give him confidence.
At the age of 13, the geeky and hapless Steve, seems to be on the verge of puberty, but can’t quite make it. Steve is unhappy with his low social status and sometimes takes drastic action to change it – like the time he and Stan rigged the student-body election to make Steve president.

Roger is the lazy, junk-food loving alien. With an annoying voice and disgusting bodily secretions jetting out of him every seven hours on the mark, it is hard to imagine how anyone can stand him. However, he seems quite smart.
Roger is the sarcastic space alien Stan rescued from Area 51 who deeply resents the fact that he’s not allowed to leave the house.

Formerly an East German Olympic Skier. Has a German accent and hits on Francine often, which she takes in stride. Even Stan seems to take this in stride, as he is only a fish.
Klaus is a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish – the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong – who has an unhealthy crush on Francine.

What is American Dad?

As we all should know, American Dad is a new cartoon created by the founder of Family Guy - Seth MacFarlane. As I have been a huge fan of Family Guy for many years now, and as there has not been any new Family Guy for many years now, I have been very excited about American Dad.

Recently, I've obtained the pilot episode of American Dad, which is supposed to air after the Superbowl on Fox this coming Sunday. For your information only, I will go over this episode and provide a general introduction to the series on this site. If everything goes well, I might continue to do this for subsequent episodes.